Mountainbike Tour

A mountain bike is also known as an All Terrain Bicycle. The bicycle is made to ride on unpaved roads or paths; during our Mountainbike Tour you will explore these trails. Our experienced guidance will accompany this fun and active company outing. You will learn the basic techniques, after which we will set off. Do not wait and try the MTB tour yourself!

We strive to always take an official mountainbike route; there are more than 200 MTB routes in the Netherlands! We therefore can provide the service at almost any desired location in the Netherlands, we will bring the helmets and the mountainbikes with us. A mountainbike tour can be strenuous, so a shower afterwards can be pleasant. We can arrange this in consultation with you, or you can end the tour at your hotel. The mountain bike tour can also be combined with other teambuilding activities, and a delicious barbecue to end the day!

National Program (Mountainbike Tour)

Example program:

  • Reception/welcome at a location of your choosing.
    • Everyone gets a mountainbike (size S, M and L; helmets included).
    • Explanation about the mountainbikes and program.
    • Cycling to an official mountainbike route (or we can gather at this location)
    • The tour commences, along with our guides. For bigger groups, you will cycle at varying levels/degrees.
  • Option: drink or lunch before the tour commences, or along the route.
  • Retour teams en afsluiting (op verzoek bij een douche-gelegenheid). Teams return to start location and the tour ends (if requested, we provide shower facilities; let us know beforehand!)
  • Option: drinks, buffet, 3-course dinner or barbecue

We always strive for an official mountainbike route. The tour always includes our experienced guidance with first-aid diplomas

Rates Excluding VAT

Book a Mountainbike Tour (including guidance, mountainbike and helmet) for:

Aantal pers.
20-150€30,- p.p.
150-250€28 p.p.
>250Op aanvraag

The price is including a mountainbike and helmet. The duration of the tour is approximately 2 hours. For larger groups, we make use of 2 out of 3 levels.

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