Segway Tour

Get on a Segway and tour a city of your choice in a sustainable way! The Segway is the world’s first electrically powered, self-balancing, single-person vehicle. You control a Segway by changing the position of your body. Tour the city with your colleagues on these unique and sustainable vehicles.

A sustainable company outing in nature = a contribution to society and nature. It promotes goodwill and strengthens your image. In return you will experience a nice day, and you will end up with more committed employees!

A combination program is also possible. You can do the Segway Tour with one group, while the other group performs another activity. Think of a museum visit, participating in an escape room or perhaps visiting a catering establishment for a lunch/high tea. It is also possible to alternate between Segways and bicycles. If you choose this, we will make two or three stops along the way to switch segway and bicycles. Driving a segway is often new, exciting and quite intense, so the possibility to change to bicycles is sometimes experienced as pleasant!

National Program (Segway Tour)

An example program:

  • Welcome at a parking lot, secluded terrain or a big square (for the training).
    • Location of your choosing
  • Option before starting: drink with snacks, lunch
  • Explanation Segways and start training
  • Start Segway Tour.
  • End program.
  • Option: dranks, buffet, 3-course dinner of barbecue.

The duration of the Segway Tour is 1,5 to 2 hours. In consultation, we can of course arrange a shorter or longer program.

Rates Excluding VAT

Book a Segway Tour:

Aantal pers.
20-50€75,- p.p.
>50Op aanvraag


A combination program with 50% Segways and 50% bicycles:

Aantal pers.
20-50€65,- p.p.
50-150€63 p.p.
>150Op aanvraag

Applicable are our general conditions. Go over to this link for more information about our full-service approach.

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