E-Scooter Tour

NEW 2019-2020: E-Scooter Tour

Join us and try an E-Scooter Tour. With this environmentally friendly and noiseless scooter, that works on batteries you are a real eye-catcher on the road. The tour will take you along Strijp-S, High Tech Campus and the center of Eindhoven. Highlights also include the Evoluon, PSV training complex and possibly the TU/e grounds. Be surprised by the locations and our enthusiastic guide. Of course, there is also enough time to take a group photo.

Good to know:

  • We can transport the E-scooters to any desired location by freight. You can specify your own location; be it a hotel, restaurant, or even your office. We can also finish the tour elsewhere, if desired.
  • Driving an E-Scooter requires at minimum a (light-)moped license.

National Program (E-Scooter Tour)

The program starts at a catering establishment, which is where you will be welcomed with a cup of coffee or tea, and possibly a delicious lunch. After the reception, you will receive an explanation about the program, and the tour will commence.

Example program:

  • 12.00/13.00 Reception/walk-in at catering establishment.
    • Option: coffee with pastries, or a delicious lunch/high tea.
  • 13.30 Welcome by our guidance and formation of teams (depending on the size of the group).
    • Start tour, with our guides.
  • 15.30 End tour
    • Optional: drinks or a dinner
    • This program can be combined with teambuilding activities or a workshop (tasting).

Rates Excluding VAT

Book an E-Scooter Tour (with guides) for:

Aantal pers.
20-50€45,- p.p.
50-250€43,- p.p.
>250Op aanvraag

This price is including guidance (guides), organization and freight costs (unloading and loading e-scooters at any desired location). We can also provide the tour in your hometown, additional travel costs vary between € 75 and € 250.

Applicable are our general conditions. Go over to this link for more information about our full-service approach.

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