Central and North Limburg

A company outing in central or north of Limburg? Let us arrange a trip to Roermond and Venlo! Here you can enjoy the culture of the historical villages, but you can also visit the designer outlet in Roermond, or take part in water activities at the Maas and the Roer. Venlo is also the second largest city in Limburg, Maastricht being the largest city. In this city, you will be able to enjoy nice cafes and its rich history. There are also three National Parks near Venlo and Roermond: the Maasduinen, the Groote Peel and the Meinweg. In these three parks, we can carry out many sustainable activities together with you!


Discover the beauty of Cenral or North Limburg during a company outing:

  • Nationaal Park de Maasduinen;
  • Nationaal Park de Groote Peel;
  • Nationaal Park de Meinweg;
  • Limburgs Museum;
  • De Wachters van Jajiri;
  • Julianapark;
  • Toverland;
  • Sint Christoffelkathedraal;
  • Kartuis;
  • Swalm.

For a possible program and additional information, please see our information page.



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