Company Outing Arnhem

Arnhem has nearly 160,000 inhabitants, making it one of the larger cities in the Netherlands. The city is known for its Open Air Museum, Airborne Museum and Royal Burgers’ Zoo. In addition, international and local people visit Arnhem for the many shopping opportunities and the various parks, such as the National Park.

Every year, a King’s Day Festival is held in Arnhem (free entrance). Other notable events that are held annually include Free Your Mind (techno) and The Future of Us (innovation festival). All of these events get substantial traction.

Arnhem is a city of shopping, with many interesting parks and museums. In both the city and the surrounding area you can take beautiful photos, take fun tours and take part in teambuilding activities. Come with us to Arnhem and we will make it a unique day!


Discover the beauty of Arnhem during a company outing:

  • Nationaal park De Veluwezoom.
  • Park Sonsbeek en Rozet;
  • Openlucht-, Water-, Airborne-,  Leger- of andere musea;
  • Korenmarkt;
  • Burgers’ Zoo;
  • Kasteel Middachten;
  • Rivierpark;
  • Gelderse Poort;

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