Company Outing Eindhoven

Discover the beauty of Eindhoven during a sustainable company outing!

With just over 231,000 inhabitants, Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands in terms of size. Eindhoven is also known as the ‘city of light’ in the Netherlands. It is often believed that this name was ascribed to Eindhoven because of the Philips buildings in Eindhoven. This is however not the case; the city owes this name to its match industry. Eindhoven is the greenest city of the five largest cities in the Netherlands, and it is also the most sustainable area of the five largest cities in Brabant.

Eindhoven is also the center of technology in the Netherlands; one third of all money spent on development and research, is spent in Eindhoven. The Brainport region is also located in this city. This is a collaboration between companies, municipalities, and knowledge institutions, and is formed by the municipalities in Southeast Brabant. In 2011, this region was even named the smartest city in the world.

Our headquarters are located in this sustainable city! We have been organizing various events in this region for years, and we hope to do this together with you for more years to come. Check our sustainable activities and help society!


Discover the beauty of Eindhoven during a company outing:

  • Nationaal Park De Groote Peel.
  • De Nederlandse Kempen;
  • Oirschotse Heide;
  • High Tech Campus en het creatieve hart Strijp-S;
  • Prehistorisch dorp;
  • Philips-, PSV-, Eindhoven-, DAF-, Van Abbemuseum;
  • Stratumseind;
  • Aquabest.

For a possible program and additional information, please see our information page.



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