Company Outing Nijmegen

Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands; its history stretches over 2000 years. About 170,000 people live in this beautiful city. Nijmegen is internationally known for its Nijmeegse Vierdaagse. This is an event that takes place annually, and it is the biggest multiple-day walking tour in the world. It is therefore known as ‘The Walk of the World’. During these four days, people participate in walking tours through the city. This event starts every year on the third Tuesday of July. During the four days, there are parties all over Nijmegen.

Nijmegen is surrounded by a rich history and environment, and although the city is very old, the clothing stores are fashion forward. This is reflected in the modern fashion of the clothing stores.

Explore the different parks, the museums, the surrounding area in Nijmegen and be entertained by one of our many fun activities. From team building activities to experiencing nature, from helping others to inspiring tours; we will arrange a great sustainable outing in Nijmegen!


Discover the beauty of Nijmegen during a company outing:

  • Nationaal Park Veluwezoom.
  • Kronenburgpark;
  • Valkhof park of -museum;
  • Stevenskerk;
  • MuZIEum;
  • Kronenburgerpark;
  • Grote markt.

For a possible program and additional information, please see our information page.



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