CSR Bicycle Challenge Tour

Get on a bike or tandem and explore the city or an area of your choosing during the socially responsible CSR Bicycle Challenge Tour. In teams you will solve various CSR assignments, puzzles, mental challenges and tough questions, while exploring the environment and discovering sustainable places.

Each team receives an assignment folder, with all necessities to take part in the challenge. In combination with tandems, it is also possible to use iPads (additional costs)! You can tell us what type of assignments you want to include in the activity; with this information we will prepare the optimal program for you.

A sustainable company outing is a contribution to society. It promotes goodwill, improves your brand image and you get committed employees and a nice day in return!

Complete the assignments, cycle along the right route and work together! Who is the fastest?

Do you prefer to go on foot? View our inspiration tour here!

National Program (CSR Bicycle Challenge Tour)

Example program:

  • Reception/welcome at a café or restaurant.
  • Option: drink, lunch or high tea before starting.
  • Explanation of the CSR Bicycle Challenge Tour, formation of teams.
  • Start tour in teams.
  • Option: snack/drink break
  • End program, return to start location and price ceremony.
  • Option: drinks, buffet, 3-course diner or barbecue.

The tour has a duration of 2 to 2,5 hours. In consultation, we can of course arrange a shorter or longer program.

Rates Excluding VAT

Book the CSR Bicycle Challenge Tour without the rental of bicycles/tandems (you tak care of it yourself, or you bring your own bicycles) from:

Aantal pers.
30-150€22,50 p.p.
150-500€20 p.p.
>500OP aanvraag

Book the CSR Bicycle Challenge Tour with the rental of bicycles/tandems from:

Aantal pers.Prijs
>500Op aanvraag

if you rent tandems from us, you will get an iPad from us. The person on the back of the tandem will take care of the navigation, and the iPad will automatically generate the necessary puzzles, assignments and questions. A real upgrade, for only €60 per team extra!

Applicable are our general conditions. Go over to this link for more information about our full-service approach.

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