Discover the Mountains

Discover the mountains: you’ll be able to get some fresh air, enjoy good (sustainable) food/drinks, hold meetings and work together during various team building activities. Book an arrangement in the Ardennes, Pyrenees or Alps for in the winter or summer. This multi-day package includes overnight stays, team building activities, meetings and (sustainable) food and drinks. A selection of the possibilities:

  • Environmentally friendly transport: Help the environment and take the train instead of an airplane. More and more cars and buses are becoming sustainable as well. We are more than happy to think along with you and discuss through which means of transport your staff will reach the destination.
  • Choose a greenkey / sustainable hotel or accommodation: Nowadays, accommodations are becoming more sustainable by utilizing solar panels and sustainably built materials. In addition, the location contributes to the environment by reusing materials and towels. Food and drinks are mostly organic and local in these establishments. We have a number of excellent locations in the Alps (especially Austria) and the Ardennes. These locations also offer spacious meeting rooms.
  • Sporty: In the winter you will be able to take skiing or snowboarding lessons. In the summer, we can go mountain biking, climbing, rafting, canoeing or hiking in the mountains. This is just a selection; inquire about the possibilities. We have extensive experience in arranging these trips, and we are absolutely committed to safety.
  • Team building: Check our Survival Challenge, we can provide this teambuilding activity in the mountains.
  • Relaxation: Relax after an active day. We can arrange a beer/wine tasting, drinks or a wellness activity (sauna, massage).
  • Food & Drinks: Try (sustainable) local products during your stay. We will guarantee a diverse selection.

We strive to find an optimal package for everyone. For the incentive travel abroad, you will be professionally assisted by our brand Meetings Incentives. Through this brand we have gained expertise in arranging incentive trips in Europe (and a number of places outside of Europe).

Our membership at STO Garant and SITE underline our experience, and many companies have made use of our incentive trips. Some succeful trips that we planned include:

  • an adventure weekend in the Ardennes or Alps.
  • Winter sports in Tyrol.
  • a City trip to Barcelona, ​​Munich and London.

Furthermore, the group can visit a large event (a football match, tennis or hockey tournament, Formula 1 match, MMA match, song festival and the like).

Because the programs may vary depending on your wishes, we will arrange a tailor-made program and therefore determine the price in consultation with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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