Full Service

Duurzaam Bedrijfsuitje offers SMEs, Corporates and Governments various sustainable and social group outings. We develop and carry out these team outings ourselves, this in turn guarantees sustainability, improved team spirit and adequete support to charities. With our help (facilitation and guidance), you can actually contribute to social projects during sustainable outings. You could do chores, fish plastic waste, perform maintenance activities, cleanup litter, or help at a healthcare insitution. In addition, we offer a number of workshops, tours, teamtraining and teambuilding programs. Thanks to our many years of experience in sustainable entrepreneurship and social return, we have received the golden label of sustainable entrepreneurship in 2015. In addition, we are CSR Netherlands partner and a recognized training company. When booking a “Help Others’’ or ‘’Experience Nature’’ activity, we will provide € 2.50 per person to be donated to a charity of your choosing. You also will be receiving a special certificate, which can contribute to the CSR policy of your company. We take care of full-service arrangements, this includes teambuilding, meetings, (hotel) stays, transfers and the like. All with only 1 point of contact, and 1 debtor. If your company outing falls under the package travel arrangement, your trip and payment will be safely guaranteed under STO Garant. You can therefore rely on a professional and honest event agency; we are more than happy to plan your next sustainable event or corporate outing.

Why Duurzaam Bedrijfsuitje: Our 10 Promises

  1. Reliable and Safe: many companies and groups have preceded you. Safety is central to our activities: our staff is annually trained internally, and are in the possession of a first aid certificate.
  2. Experience: we have been active in the Dutch and international events market since 2010. We have expanded our activities to many other (inter)national cities and shifted our focus to sustainability and social outings.
  3. Transparent: we offer our products and facilities at transparent prices. We also work with GreenKey certified restaurants and hotels, and we offer as many fair trade products as possible. You will receive a tailor-made offer. Throughout the entire process, you will conveniently have one point of contact and one creditor.
  4. Wide Range: we have a unique and distinctive range for every budget, season and target group. Whether you are with 5 or 1000 guests, we will organize a suitable event.
  5. Bad Weather Guarantee: did you book an outdoor activity, and are the weather predictions bad? In consultation, we will offer a replacement indoor activity, so that your event can go on.
  6. Sustainable and Social: in addition to having a wide range of services, we are the only event agency with a sustainable quality mark. We are also a recognized training company and CSR Netherlands partner. We support various charities, and after your team outing or event, you will receive our certificate.
  7. Full Service: we have many products in-house, we organize and carry out your event from A to Z. Our office, staff, guides, trainers and instructors are available 24/7. In addition, we work with reliable and excellent partners.
  8. Customization: we strive for an optimal interpretation of your event, and we wish to provide appropriate advice based on your budget and wishes. We also offer advice regarding locations, transport, meeting and/or catering wishes. We also think along in the context of the WKR, insurance, cancellations and everything else that comes with an event.
  9. Innovative: we continue to constantly renew our range of teambuilding, corporate outings, team outings and staff parties/corporate parties. We attempt to provide a unique and broad product range for every budget, season and location.
  10. International: and of course we will help you in English. We know how to provide the best experience and our guides are the best in the event business. Check also our label Meetings Incentives.

Good to know

Additional information and general terms and conditions:

  • All prices mentioned on our website are excluding 9% or 21% VAT. We are happy to calculate the VAT price for you
  • Prices are per activity and are usually based on approximately 1 to 3 hours of participation, request a quotation for the various times, exact prices and locations
  • Programs are subject to availability, always request a quotation
  • We take care of the organization and guidance, including full coordination with the locations, this includes catering and reserving materials
  • Guidance includes First Aid
  • Services are including photos (report) of various activities, which we send as a compilation afterwards
  • Services are including notification of your CSR outing on our social media; goodwill for your organization
  • All activities include the necessary materials and protective equipment for the DIY activities. If by any chance a large project is available that requires an investment, we will present it to you at all times and you can sponsor it without obligation
  • With all our ‘’Help Others’’ and ‘’Experience Nature’’ programs, we donate €2.50 per participant to a charity (usually the care farm or institution)
  • Services are including a certificate from our unique sustainable company outing. This certificate can contribute to your company’s CSR policy or ISO 14001/26000 standard.
  • We are a sustainable full service event agency, that operates nationally. We are happy to provide your total package such as transfers, accommodation, hostess, party evening, event marketing expertise, invitations, etc.
  • Make sure you always have adequate insurance policies such as travel insurance, cancellation insurance, company liability and / or third-party liability insurance. Check this with your own insurance office or take a look at, for example, KLAP insurance.
  • When you or your Travel Agent wish to confirm a booking you must pay a down payment of 50% of the totall cost. You will receive an invoice in PDF via e-mail. Optional with 3% extra costs you are able to pay via 1) creditcard (Mollie.com) or 2) via SAP Ariba or 3) via STO Garant.
  • Our general terms and conditions apply to all our services. A copy can be downloaded from our website and will be sent to you free of charge at your first request.