Help a Charity

Have you always wanted to volunteer and support or help a specific charity? Or would you like to start a special project for a good cause, in collaboration with us? We like to think along and we are more than happy to help you in achieving this! We also have a nationwide network of partners that would appreciate it if you could help out with your colleagues. Examples are social workshops where bicycles, food packages, clothing packages or attributes have to be processed or repaired. The employees (often with difficulties in the labor market) will be happy with your arrival and attention, and a lot of work can be finished quickly thanks to your help. Other possible chores include an extensive cleaning in the workplace and canteen, or a paint or refurbishment job.

Various projects can also be tackled in public spaces. In recent years, various cuts have been made by the municipalities for the maintenance and management of green projects, playgrounds and other public space matters. With your help, we can refurbish and maintain public space and / or clean up litter. We can also tackle pollution such as chewing gum residues and graffiti. The public space work differs per neighborhood, district and municipality. Inquire about the possibilities!

We can also explore the possibility to jointly set up a charity, in collaboration with you as a client. We will of course have to commit to the (legal) requirements for setting up the charity. For more information about this, you can already take a look at the websites of: Kleine Goede Doelen (Small Charities) and the Goede Doelen Toezichthouder (The Netherlands Fundraising Regulator).

National program (help a charity)

The program starts with a welcoming cup of coffee or tea, and a snack or possibly a delicious lunch. During this reception, the participants will meet the project leader and our guides. After this, the introduction will take place and the program will start. Of course, if desired, you can end the day with drinks or a delicious dinner.

Option 1

09.30 Reception/walk-in, with coffee, tea and a tasty snack
10.00 Introduction, receive instructions, create the subteams and start of the program.
13.00 End of the program with optional drinks and/or lunch at an external location
– Of course, this program can also take place in the afternoon from 14.00 tot 17.00 uur

Option 2

09.00 Reception/walk-in, with coffee, tea and a tasty snack.
09.30 Introduction, receive instructions, create the subteams and start of the program.
12.30 End of the program with optional drinks and/or lunch at an external location.
13.30 Depending on the area/location, you will partake in a CSR iPad Challenge in the city, or a Living Stratego or Expedition Robinson game in the adjacent nature reserve/forest.
16.30 Price ceremony, drinks and a delicious dinner.
End time in consultation.

Rates Excluding VAT

Book Help a Charity from:

Aantal pers.
30-150€30,- p.p.
150-500€27,50 p.p.
>500Op aanvraag
Meerprijs fietsen bouwen Op aanvraag
Meerprijs extra activiteit vanaf€20,- p.p.
Overige informatie

  • Groups of 500 people or more on request.
  • Groups of 100 people or more will get a tailor-made program.
  • Prices excluding VAT, catering and travel costs, request a quotation.
  • A program of 2 sequential activities (morning and afternoon) possible at a discount.
  • Catering (prices from): Reception € 5, snack/drink during a break € 5, lunch € 15, buffet or BBQ € 25.
  • Travel costs do not apply for groups of 75 participants or more. For groups smaller than 75 participants, the travel cost is a one-time payment of an amount between €75 and €175.
  • We can organize an entire day arrangement, including a (gala/party)evening, accommodation and hostess.

Applicable are our general conditions. Go over to this link for more information about our full-service approach.

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