Help Nature

Nature in the Netherlands is vulnerable. Large amounts of waste are still being dumped, subsidies for natural monuments and forest management have been cut and the nature reserves are losing large parts of their grounds. You can help an organization, or nature, during a socially responsible outing! For example, help nature with overdue maintenance work or get started on a specific green project. The activities and / or group activities will of course be determined in advance, after a consultation with you. Of course, you and your colleagues will be professionally assisted by experienced guidance.

Maintenance work could be done on fences, stables, animal shelters, decks and logs, or you could help with reforestation. Green projects that can be picked up depend on the season, examples are sowing, pruning, weeding and harvesting. During the day, it is also possible to take a walk or cycle with your staff, under the guidance of a forest ranger or our guidance. Our services can be provided at various National Parks throughout the Netherlands.

Also view our program: Litter Cleanup Event. This can be booked both in the city and in nature.

A sustainable company outing in nature = a contribution to society and nature. It promotes goodwill and strengthens your image. In return you will experience a nice day, and you will end up with more committed employees!

National program (help nature)

The Plastic Waste Fishing event starts at a cozy location with a welcoming cup of coffee or tea, and a tasty snack or a delicious lunch. After the reception, you will get an introduction with an explanation of the general safety and the program. When the introduction is finished, you will commence the activities and start helping nature! Depending on the group size and the program, the tasks will be divided. If you are with a bigger group, we can arrange a program with various activities; the groups will switch during the program. Of course, if desired, you can end the day with a drinks or a delicious dinner. In addition to doing chores, we can combine great teambuildig activities for in the woods, forest or park.

Option 1 example program

12.00 Reception/walk-in.
12.30 A delicious unch, or a drink with a snack.
13.30 Receive instructions and create the teams (depending on the group
size). Start doing the chores, possibly with a break in between.
– additionally during the activities; a forest ranger or guide could join you.
-or a teambuilding program, such as Expedition Robinson, a CSR Challenge or ice sculpting.
16.30 End of the program, optionally with drinks and/or dinner (if requested,
we can provide a quiz while having drinks).
End time in consultation.


Option 2 example program

09.00 Reception/walk-in with tea, coffee and a tasty snack.
10.00 Receive instructions and create the teams (depending on the group
size). Start doing the chores.
12.30 A delicious lunch.
14.00 Option 1: forest tour with guidance; walking or cycling, including a break.
Other option: Teambuilding game in the forest, such as Living Stratego or Expedition Robinson.
16.30 End of the program, optionally with drinks and/or dinner.

Rates Excluding VAT

Book Help Nature from:

Aantal pers.
30-150€30,- p.p.
150-500€27,50 p.p.
>500Op aanvraag
Meerprijs extra activiteit vanaf€20,- p.p.
Overige informatie

  • Groups of 500 people or more on request.
  • Groups of 100 people or more will get a tailor-made program.
  • Check our Litter Cleanup Event, starting from €20,00 per person.
  • Prices excluding VAT, catering and travel costs, request a quotation.
  • Catering (prices from): Reception € 5, snack/drink during a break € 5, lunch € 15, buffet or BBQ € 25.
  • Travel costs do not apply for groups of 75 participants or more. For groups smaller than 75 participants, the travel cost is a one-time payment of an amount between €75 and €175.
  • We can organize an entire day arrangement, including a (gala/party)evening, accommodation and hostess.

Applicable are our general conditions. Go over to this link for more information about our full-service approach.

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