Help us and Help others, especially now!

NOTE: A large number of activities such as our tours, various workshops and other sustainable outings, are corona proof. We can organize events for groups up to 30 people. As of July 1st, we can even arrange events for groups up to 100 people. This is possible while keeping 1.5m distance from each other.

Below you will find a selection of our services. We can also arrange museum, terrace and / or restaurant reservations (nationwide).

Help us and support charities: during the summer, we will donate €5 per person for all our group programs.

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Sustainable company outings in an 1,5 meter society

Below you will find 16 activities that we can offer you, while keeping a safe distance. The photos below were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic. They therefore do not give the right impression of keeping 1.5 distance from each other. However, we can provide all these 16 products in a safe and corona proof manner, with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters. Our guides and guidance are properly instructed and trained, and all materials/vehicles/etc. are thorougly pre-cleaned. If you have any enquiries or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your visit!

Also this summer we support a lot of Charities; for all group activities, we donate €5 per person!