Our Partners

We have been a CSR Netherlands partner since 2015 and we also received the Golden Sustainable Entrepreneur quality mark. People Profit Planet has been in our genes for a long time, and every day we work towards a win-win-win situation: For you a beautiful and successful outing, an appropriate contribution for our partners and charities and a successful mission for us. For more information check www.mvonederland.nl.

We also provide special green outings in nature in collaboration with the National Forest Service. We are also a supporter of Nederland Schoon.

Furthermore, we work with catering partners that are in the possession of a sustainable certificate. These establishments guarantee honest and sustainable food and drinks. In addition, they take into account the environment, and try to prevent food waste as much as possible. We always strive to work with GreenKey locations when we plan our events.

And since 2010 we have also been working with groenezaken (green businesses) and locaties met meerwaarde (locations with an added value). At ”locaties met meerwaarde” you will find special and inspiring locations for business meetings. These locations have an added value ​​for culture, nature and people.

We encourage you to get to the event location through sutainable means of transportation, for example on foot, by bicycle, or through public transportation.

Tip: Make use of the NS Group Return (NS Groepsretour).