Street Golf Tour

Street Golf is a modern, fun and interactive activity that allows you to simultaneously discover various highlights in the city or nature. With your input, we can map out a route that takes us to various sustainable and interesting places in the city (or nature).

This fun street golf tour is an ideal outing for a relationship event, network event or just to get to know each other better! If desired, the tour can be extended by adding various stops, such as a restaurant or museum visit. Do not hesitate to inquire about the possibilities!

We provide the clubs, safe soft balls and golf mats. The route will be diverse; the exact route can be determined in consultation with you.

National Program (Street Golf Tour)

We provide street golf in all our regions, and in parks, national parks, beaches and other public areas. We will compile a surprising route, with possibly a number of stops (in consultation with you).

Example program:

  • Reception/welcome at a catering establishment (café or restaurant) or at your meeting location or office.
  • Option: drink, lunch or high tea before starting the tour.
  • Explanation of the Street Golf Tour and the formation of teams.
  • Start street golf tour. Write down your number of passes per hole (usually 6 to 9 holes).
    • Along the route, you will experience the highlights at your chosen area/location.
    • Option: stop for a snack, drink, museum visit, etc. during the tour.
  • Fun award ceremony and end of program.
  • Option: drinks, buffet, 3-course dinner or barbecue.

The tour has a duration of approximately 1 to 3 hours.

Rates Excluding VAT

Book Street Golf Tour for:

Aantal pers.
20-250€25,- p.p.

The price is including organization, guidance, route, and materials.  Possibility to add a number of stops during the tour, and to have a fun price ceremony with prizes.

Applicable are our general conditions. Go over to this link for more information about our full-service approach.


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