Team Painting

Are you and your team or organization looking for an activity in which they can express creativity? Then go for a team painting workshop! We provide all the tools, you the creativity and presentations. Bet it will be a fun workshop!

The preparations

Together we agree on an indoor or outdoor location that will be prepped in advance. Duurzaam Bedrijfsuitje provides the different kinds of canvases to paint on, together with the paint, brushes and connecting materials (including aprons if desired). If desired, we will also provide the necessary tarps for on the tables or the floor.


For each table, a group of two or three people will work on their art project. First, a 2D design is made based on the available canvas dimensions. Perhaps a Statue of Liberty or an animal or other object will fit. The creativity is entirely up to the participants, but of course the instructor(s) can give tips and tricks. Often, in consultation, a nice theme is chosen, such as winter, flora and fauna or in the context of organizational goals.

Painting, pimping and assembling

After the 2D design is approved (of course we won’t make it too easy…!) the duo or trio gets to work. Everyone takes his/her own canvas. Keep in mind to take the other canvases into account, because they will have to fit together later on. Of course, each person can use his/her own painting technique. The more creative… the crazier and more fun the end result will be! After the works of art are finished, the paintings will be linked together. Duurzaam Bedrijfsuitje will provide assembly materials and the groups will even think about how to pimp the artwork. Maybe we are in nature and twigs and leaves can be an addition?


Presentation and price ceremony 

Finally, there is the highlight of these fun workshops. The teams get to present their Art to the other teams. Did they realize their design or did it suddenly become a pyramid? We will hear and see in the mostly fun and hilarious presentations! Under the supervision of an ‘expert’ jury, 1 team will receive a prize. Criteria such as cooperation, originality, realization and presentation will of course be taken into account. Who will be the winners of Team Painting?

National program

  • Reception on location
  • Optional: drink, lunch buffet in advance
  • Explanation and start of workshop
  • Presentations and wrap-up
  • Optional: drinks, buffet, 3-course dinner or barbecue

This workshop takes on average 1 to 2 hours, depending on your time and group size.

Prices excluding VAT

Book this activity for up to 30 people for €1125. Additional persons cost €37,50 per person

  • Additional travel costs south of the Netherlands €75
  • Additional travel costs central Netherlands €225
  • Additional travel costs north of the Netherlands and Belgium €325

Extra informations and conditions

This price includes guidance, organization, materials and painting canvases with paint and brushes, and fun prize ceremony with prizes. If desired, we provide this activity in English and at a small additional cost we come to your home.

  • Location, tent, table rental on request
  • Travel expenses on request
  • Sometimes we need to charge some extra handling fee (unloading/loading fee) if the workshop location is not easily accessible (from the car).

Terms and conditions apply, see this link for more information and our full service approach (information in Dutch).

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