Winter Team Games

Duurzaam uitje on the ice or in snow…why sustainable? The energy consumption of many of these indoor slopes are unfortunately not that well. Luckily there are since 2016 more and more slopes active on reducing their energy consumption on their location. For example they installed LED-lighting, made the ice thinner to reduce energycosts and invested in solar panels. The Winter Team Games of duurzaam uitje are executed on different indoor icesrinks and snowrinks locations.

The Winter Team Gams are popular games among participants, in which fun and competition are central. For example, take part in the team snowgames together with your colleagues. In various hilarious games and rounds, teams will compete against teams on the snow track, such as with a sled, Frisbee or mega tube! We will provide curling or icegames at the various ice rinks. Here too, fun and healthy competition are central. Now that we are in an ice rink or snow rink, why not go skating or skiing or snowboarding freely (with or without lessons). We rent the ice rink or snow rink for you, provide the catering and with our guidance we organize the fun team games. Afterwards we will continue with a drink, dinner and/or party in the après ski bar!



National program (winter team games)

We are on national level on many differents icerinks (Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Eindhoven, Geelen, Den Bosch and more) and snowrinks (Montana and Snowworld). Every ice- or snowrink has specific options regarding times and we are happy to discuss with you what the program will look like. An example of the program could be:

  • Reception at the ice rink or snow rink with optional coffee, tea and a warm apple turnover or a tasty lunch.
  • Approxamatly 15 minutes introduction by us.
  • Explanation activities icegames or snowgames.
  • The ice- / snowrink on: start team activities with our guidance
  • After 1 to 1,5 hour off and a nice award ceremony by us.
  • Optional after: drinks, buffet, 3-course dinner or winter barbecue
  • Extension: fun CSR quiz or Ice Sculpture workshop. Evening party.

Prices excluding VAT

The following prices apply to our partner indoor ice rinks (other ice rinks on request)

  • Ice games for 1 hour, fixed price for up to 30 people €1125. For 1.5 hours the price is €1500
  • From 30 people the additional cost is €37.50 per person

The following prices apply to our partner indoor snow rinks (other snow rinks on request)

  • Snow play for 1 hour, fixed price for up to 30 people €1200 (price including loan of snow boots)
  • From 30 people the additional cost is €40 per person
  • An additional charge of €7.50 per person applies for 1.5 hours on the snow track
  • Ski suit rental at additional cost (or bring your own ski clothing)
  • We always combine large groups with ice sculptures or a quiz (possibly in a rotating program)

Extra informations and conditions

Our mentioned prices include our travel costs, guidance, (pre)organization and invoicing, track rental and entrance, required materials, snow steps for under your shoes (safe on the ice) or snow boots in the snow, and afterwards an awards ceremony with nice sustainable prizes for the winning team.

If you would like to skate freely after our activity (free of charge) or ski/snowboard (at an additional cost), please bring your own skates or skis or rent them on site. The possibility of free skating or skiing depends on the possibilities on the relevant track.

Our winter games can also be easily combined in a choice or alternating program with our icesculpture workshop or CSR quiz. Ask for the possibilities!

The price is subject to the possibility of court rental. Ice rinks can mainly be booked from October to March. Snow rinks (and some ice rinks) are usually open all year round.

Our general terms and conditions apply. View this link for more information and our full service approach.



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