Company Outing Apeldoorn and Deventer

Apeldoorn is one of the larger cities in Gelderland. The city is known for the many city parks and its “green” character. In 1684 William III of Orange built het house Het Loo, after which het Paleis het Loo was built. The reason for this was that Apeldoorn was located in a central hunting area. Several members of the royal family lived here until Queen Wilhelmina died. It is believed that Napoleon also used the palace as a summer house.

Apeldoorn is now known for its attractions, such as Apenheul and the Julianatoren. In addition, the city is known because of Centraal Beheer. The organization created an advertisement that the Dutch know al too well, with the famous line “Even Apeldoorn bellen”. This roughly translates to ‘’Let’s call Apeldoorn’’.

A National Park is located next to Apeldoorn, where we carry out many of our activities. In addition to the cultural center, there is much more to do in Apeldoorn. Join us on a sustainable outing in this green city!

Deventer is also one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. This city has been inhabited almost continuously since the eighth century. Due to its favorable location next to the IJssel, the city was a ideal for hunters, fishermen, farmers and livestock farmers. Later, Deventer became a flourishing trading place/center.

Deventer is also rich in the number of city parks. For example, the Worpplantsoen, Rijsterborgherpark, Nieuwe Plantsoen and more parks are located here. In addition, as mentioned earlier, the village is located on the IJssel. At this location, we often carry out our water activities.


Discover the beauty of Apeldoorn and Deventer during a company outing:

  • Nationaal Park Veluwezoom.
  • Nationaal Park de Sallandse Heuvelrug.
  • Gorsselse Heide;
  • Deventer Stadsstrand;
  • Beekbergerwoud;
  • Natuurpark Berg;
  • Bos Bussloo;
  • Paleis het Loo;
  • Kasteel de Cannenburgh;
  • Apenheul;

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