Choose a Sustainable and Social Company Outing

Duurzaam Bedrijfsuitje – or the English translation: Sustainable Company Outing – is the only completely certified social event agency of The Netherlands. With more than 10 years of experience we make use of a wide full-service range of activities. Participating in a social company-, team- or employee outing is a contribution to the society. It promotes goodwill, strengthens your public image and you will return with more involved employees, whilst enjoying a good day!

Several sustainable events are also exempt from the Dutch ‘labor cost scheme’ or ‘werkkostenregeling’. Are you interested in a sustainable company outing? Choose one of the categories above or mail/call us for extensive advice about fun activities that can be booked throughout the Netherlands.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available via and +31(0)85-1301175.

The covid-19 crisis in the events sector and charities: help us and help an other!

Most of our activities are corona proof. We are happy to provide advise on or come up with ideas for team- or company outings that meet the current measures and where social distancing with 1.5 meters is guaranteed.

Need some ideas for outings with social distancing? Check this link.

Read more about our initiative here.

Teambuilding from home with our online game and snack box

A cooperation between four local businesses in Eindhoven: paying a contribution to CSR. The six different packages to choose from are all assembled in an environmentally friendly manner, with a charity donation per purchase!

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