Sustainable Tours, coronaproof, A Unique App on your Smartphone.

Book a unique and fun sustainable tour. You can choose from over 25 cities, and take part in a tour on foot, by car or by bicycle. Each trip is unique with appropriate distances, fun facts, (CSR) questions and assignments, and special places. The tours can be accesed through our (new) app, which you can easily download on your iPhone or Android phone. Not only is this outing fun and relaxed, but also corona proof. You can walk, cycle or drive while doing this tour. This tour can be done alone, or in small groups (at an appropriate distance), and you will be able to use your own telephone. You do not have to set a specific date with us, you buy 1 or more tickets, and use it when you want to!


Help our industry and the charities we support! As an employer you can also buy a sustainable trip, as a gift voucher for your colleagues. Your colleagues will enjoy a nice tour this summer, on foot, by bicycle or car. After all, these sustainable tours can also be done individually. When buying a gift voucher, we also donate € 5 / ticket to a good cause!

Additional Characteristics of Sustainable Tours: 

  • Always original with 50 fun questions, puzzles, photo and film assignments. You can choose for an open tour (start and end anywhere in the city) or a closed puzzle tour (with a fixed start and end point in the city).
  • If it is an outing with your partner and children, we will provide questions and assignments that are fun for the children.
  • The tour is on a user-friendly App, it is easy to download in the App store or Play store, and you can play it on your own Smartphone.
  • Competition is possible from 2 players to more than 1000. After all, there is a final score at the end. Who has the highest score?
  • Also ideal for coronaproof company outing, team outing and team building. Every participant will navigate through his or her mobile Phone, and adheres to the 1.5 meter distance rule. This allows for (safe) competition among 10, 100 or even 1000 participants.
  • Optionally fully provided by us including guidance, awards, custom questions and assignments. Also possible in combination with a litter cleanup event. In addition, we can take care of reservations of bicycles, tandems, e-scooters, museums, terrace and / or restaurants.

National Program Sustainable Trips

Each sustainable trip on foot, by car or bicycle takes about 2 to 3 hours. You can do the tour alone, or in small groups. The tour can be extended with stops at a museum, terrace or restaurant etc. You can book these stops yourself, or we can arrange them for you. Our Sustainable Tours can be booked in more than 25 cities, and the number is still growing. If your city is not mentioned, send us an e-mail and we are happy to develop a tour in your area!

Rates Excluding VAT

Book a Sustainable Trip

You can buy one or multiple tickets for a sustainable tour, that can be executed on any day. When booking a city (or several cities) you indicate which city (or cities) you want to book, and whether you want it to be a walking and/or bicycle and/or car trip. We can also provide (1 or more) gift vouchers; this way, the type of tour (and city) can be determined after purchase. In case you want to buy a tour in another city than offered, or if you want us to arrange the vehicles and (unique) stops (reservation), we can offer tailor-made group tours for groups of 30 people or more.

Aantal Tickets
Vanaf 1 stuk€22,73 / stuk (27,50 incl. btw)
30-500€20,66 / stuk (€25,00 incl. btw)
>500€18,60 / stuk (€22,50 incl. btw)
Optie: Fietshuur op locatie, vanaf 30 stuks€10,33 / stuk (€12,50 incl. btw)
Optie: E-scooter huur op locatie, vanaf 30 stuks€55.00 / stuk (€54,50 incl. btw)
Optie: Combi met zwerfafval actie, vanaf 30 personen. Extra:€10,33 p.p. (€12,50 incl. btw)
Overige informatie

  • With every booking, we currently donate € 5 to charity.
  • TIP: We always start and end at the train station (bicycle tours only). If necessary, you can rent a bicycle there.
  • Groups of 100 people or more on request.
  • Check our Litter Cleanup Event, starting from €22,50 per person.
  • Catering (prices from): Reception € 5, snack/drink during a break € 5, lunch € 15, buffet or BBQ € 20.
  • We can organize an entire day arrangement, including a (gala/party)evening, accommodation and hostess.

Applicable are our general conditions. Go over to this link for more information about our full-service approach.

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