Company Outing Groningen and Assen

With almost 205,000 inhabitants, Groningen is the largest city in the north of the. The city therefore fulfills a central function, which is reinforced by the large number of students at the university and college located there.

The center of Groningen was severely damaged during World War II; it was therefore completely renovated at the time. This gives the center of Groningen a fairly modern impression. Besides being a modern city, Groningen also has a past. The city used to be part of a Northern German trade network, which gives the city a rich trading history.

Groningen is located next to a National Park: Lauwersmeer. Here we can carry out many fun and sustainable activities. Come with us to the center of the north!

In addition to Groningen, we can also take you to Assen. This is the capital of the province of Drenthe; here you can also experience many cultural and sustainable outings!


Discover the beauty of Groningen and Assen during a company outing:

  • Nationaal park Lauwersmeer en Toegangspoort Wedbroeken.
  • Hunzedal
  • Circuitpark
  • Vis- en Grote Markt;
  • Strip-, Scheepvaart- of Groninger museum;
  • Martinitoren;
  • Prinsentuin;
  • Noorderplantsoen;
  • Groninger Forum;
  • Stadspark.

For a possible program and additional information, please see our information page.



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