Company Outing South Limburg

Maastricht is the capital and largest city of the province of Limburg. The city is known for the Maastricht Treaty and as the birthplace of the euro. In addition, the European Union was founded in Maastricht in 1992.

Maastricht has approximately 1,677 national heritage buildings, meaning it harbors the second highest heritage buildings in the Netherlands. The city is also sometimes seen as the oldest in the Netherlands, because of the many gothic and medieval castles, buildings, gates, underground caves, museums and more. The historical design of the city of Maastricht has also been influenced by both the French and the Spanish.

The city has two city squares, full of culture and history: Vrijthof and Markt. In these locations, people can visit churches, bars, cafes, restaurants, vendor markets and the City Hall.

Maastricht is the city of monuments and history. A trip through this city and its surroundings is definitely worth it, and we are happy to make it a beautiful, fun and sustainable trip with you. View our many sustainable outings for a nice day out!

In addition to Maastricht, we also take you to the villages of Valkenburg and Geleen. These are smaller villages in South Limburg, with beautiful surroundings. For example, Geleen is located at the National Park de Meinweg. If you would rather visit an old village and its surroundings (instead of a big city), Valkenburg and Geleen are ideal villages. Bigger isn’t always better!


Discover the beauty of South Limburg during a company outing:

  • Nationaal Park de Meinweg
  • Laco Geleen (schaatsbaan)
  • Sprookjesbos
  • Julianakanaal
  • Mergelgrotten;
  • Wijnstreek;
  • Sint Janskerk;
  • Vrijthof;
  • Helport;
  • Bonnefanten Museum;
  • Fort Sint Pieter;
  • Valkenburg;
  • Marktplein.

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