CSR Global Challenge Quiz

The CSR Global Challenge Quiz is all about sustainability, fun and team building! We can provide this quiz in a grand café, restaurant, meeting room or at your office. Compete with your colleagues and find out who is the smartest!The CSR global challenge quiz can be provided at any time and at a location of your choosing. The quiz can be combined with other sustainable activities; examples are our Litter Cleanup Event, or Help a Care Farm. For the quiz, we will arrange a tailor-made program, in which several rounds are played. Examples:

  • Warm-up round: 20 questions about CSR and sustainability etc.
  • Puzzle round: tough puzzles for which cooperation is central.
  • Photo round: Pictures of people and organizations that deal with CSR / sustainability, or possibly a more specific photo theme (eg Winter, film, 80’s, etc.).
  • Music round: listen to the hits of the past, or songs specifically from the well-known radio commercials about CSR.
  • Djenga tower; battle against other teams, don’t let the tower fall down!
  • Global culture clash: Recognize the objects / rituals, etc. .. where do they come from?
  • Music instruments: recognize the sound, which instrument do you hear and where did it originally come from?

A sustainable quiz is a contribution to your CSR goals. A CSR quiz is a great formula for a nice day; your employees will be more committed and involved afterwards!
Would you like to know more about CSR, sustainability, Cradle to Cradle, Circular Economy and more sustainable principles, while competing against other teams? Then book the CSR Global Challenge Quiz now! Of course, we will compile the quiz in consultation with you in terms of difficulty, CSR and fun content; if desired, we will include your organization and its CSR ambitions. The quiz can be provided in Dutch and English.

National Program (CSR Global Challenge Quiz)

Our quiz can be provided at your location, at a meeting room or at a catering establishment. Prior to the quiz, participants may have had a meeting, a workshop, or other team building activities. Before the quiz commences, teams are created. When the teams are formed, the activities will start and the quiz master will supervise the rounds. During the quiz, drinks and snacks can be provided if desired (walking dinner).

15.00 Reception/walk-in, with catering
15.15 Instructions and formation of teams. Start Quiz. Break in between activities.
17.00 / 17.30 End program, optionally with a dinner.

This quiz can be provided in the morning, afternoon and at night. Our quizzes are available in both English and Dutch.

Rates Excluding VAT

Aantal pers.
30-500€22,50 p.p.
>500€20,00 p.p.
Meerprijs extra activiteit vanaf€20,- p.p.

Groups of 100 people or more will get a tailor-made program.

Overige informatie

  • Prices excluding VAT, catering, sound, AV resources, room rental and travel costs, request a quotation.
  • Sound equipment and microphones are available, free of charge, for approximately 75 people.
  • Catering (prices from): Reception € 5, snack/drink during a break € 5, lunch € 15, buffet or BBQ € 25.
  • Travel costs do not apply for groups of 75 participants or more. For groups smaller than 75 participants, the travel cost is a one-time payment of an amount between €75 and €175.
  • A program of 2 sequential activities (morning and afternoon) possible at a discount
  • We can organize an entire day arrangement, including a (gala/party)evening, accommodation and hostess.

Applicable are our general conditions. Go over to this link for more information about our full-service approach.

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