CSR Challenge

Discover all the beauty of a city or its surroundings (nature) by completing questions and assignments that you’ll receive through our smartphone app.  The sustainable CSR Challenge is an interactive team game that combines all elements necessary for a sustainable company outing. Culture, monuments, beautiful buildings and flora and fauna. Choose a city and be surprised as the game helps you and your colleagues navigate through various locations (be it in a city or in nature). This challenge lets you explore the area through all kinds of questions, puzzles and assignments. The theme ‘’corporate social responsibility’’ is central for these questions and assignments, including topics such as sustainability, cradle to cradle, social return and more. In teams, you will compete against each other; the competition is great, and it will get more competitive as teams start interacting with each other through the app. Which team is most knowledgeable about sustainability and corporate social responsibility, which team will win the prize?

TIP: In addition to sustainable/social and more serious tasks, we will also provide fun assignments and questions. It is also possible to process your own questions/assignments in our app.

Combine this CSR challenge with our Litter Cleanup Event. Along the route, the teams will receive assignments. In between these assignments, the teams will clean up litter!

National Program (CSR Challenge)

The program starts at a catering establishment, with a welcoming cup of fairtrade coffee or tea, and possibly a tasty snack or a delicious lunch. After the reception, you will get an introduction with an explanation of the challenge. When the introduction is finished, you will commence the activities! In teams you will compete against each other along the route. By using our app, you will be able to finish multiple assignments. In addition, you will be able to interact with the other teams and also communicate your results to us. When the challenge is finished, everyone will return to the starting location and the program will end with a price ceremony. Of course, if desired, you can end the day with a nice drink or a delicious dinner.

13.30 Reception/welcome with a snack and a drink.
14.00 Formation of teams and instructions about the app and the citygame will be provided. Start of  the challenge
16.30 End of program with an award/price ceremony, and optionally drinks or a dinner.

This activity can be provided during the morning, day and night. Our programs can be provided in Dutch and English.

Rates Excluding VAT

Book the CSR iPad Challenge for:

Aantal pers.
30-500+ €20,- p.p.
Extra teams+€20,- per team
Meerprijs iPad+€70 per team
Meerprijs extra activiteit vanaf+ €20,- p.p.

Groups of 100 people or more will get a tailor-made program. Prices excluding VAT, catering and travel costs, request a quotation.

Applicable are our general conditions. Go over to this link for ore information about our full-service approach.

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