Plastic Waste Fishing

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Take part in our ‘Plastic Waste Fishing’ activity. Per year, in the Netherlands alone, approximately 50 million kilos of waste end up on the street, the beach or in nature. All this garbage can be carried to the sea, as a consequence of weather conditions such as the wind, or through the stream of rivers. This waste includes plastic bottles and trays, but also small litter such as balloons, cigarette butts, candy wrappers, caps, straws and the like. These plastics and also microplastics are also called plastic soup. Plastic does not belong in the sea and waters. Birds, fish, dolphins and seals mistake it for food and eat it. Or they get caught in it. And in the end, we as humans consume it again, at least if you like fish and duck, for example.

Help nature and choose a sustainable company outing by fishing plastic waste. We can fish plastic waste in ditches, canals, ponds, tours, puddles, lakes, at sea and so on. Depending on the desired region, possibilities and group size, we will fish along the side or we will sail on a boat. Of course we ensure that we there will be enough materials (nets, gloves and waste bags).

Our sustainable company outing ‘’fishing plastic waste’’ = a contribution to society and nature. It promotes goodwill, strengthens your image and you get committed employees and a nice day in return!

Tip: This outing can also be combined with our iPad Teambuilding Challenge. Teams each get an iPad, while on the road or on a boat. Along the way, the teams receive photo assignments, challenging puzzles, and various questions about the environment and CSR (teambuilding). In between, team members will fish plastic soup (social). The team that has collected the most points on the iPad and fished the largest volume of plastic waste will receive a nice prize!

National program (plastic waste fishing)

The Plastic Waste Fishing event starts at a cozy location with a welcoming cup of coffee or tea, and a tasty snack or a delicious lunch. Optionally, this service can be provided on a boat. After the reception, you will get an introduction with an explanation of the general safety and the program. When the introduction is finished, you will commence the activities and start fishing plastic soup! Of course, if desired, you can end the day with a nice drink or a delicious dinner.

For example:
12.00 Reception/walk-in
12.30 Farmer’s lunch or a drink with a snack
13.30 Receive instructions and possibly create teams (depending on the group size). Armed with the needed materials you will start fishing plastic waste!Optionally, a break in between.
– additionally a CSR iPad Challenge. Various assignments on the boat or along the ditches/lake/puddle.
– additionally during the tour; a ranger or guide could tell you more about the area (ditch, city, lake, sea, etc.).
– hand in the waste bags, we will deposit them for you
16.30 End of program with optional drinks and/or dinner.

Rates Excluding VAT

Book this activity for up to 30 people for €990. Additional persons cost €33 per person. Price excluding boot rental**. 

  • Additional travel costs south of the Netherlands €75
  • Additional travel costs central Netherlands €225
  • Additional travel costs north of the Netherlands and Belgium €325

**Additional boot rental starts from €15 p.p. Depending on your desired region and desired waters (lake, sea, ditch, canal, etc.), and in consultation with you, we will determine whether we can rent a boat for you, or whether you will rent it yourself. Sometimes it is also possible to fish plastic waste with a carbon-neutral whisper boat, canoe or rowing boat. The price for renting a boat or multiple boats will be provided upon request.

Extra informations and conditions

  • Groups of 100 people or more will get a tailor-made program.
  • Catering (prices from): Reception €8, snack/drink during the break €8, lunch €20 buffet or BBQ €30 per person.
  • A program of two sequential activities (morning and afternoon) can be offered at a discount.
  • We can organize an entire day arrangement, including a (gala/party)evening, accommodation and hostess.
  • Applicable are our general conditions. Go over to this link for more information about our full-service approach.

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