Know your Colleague

Know Your Colleague is a fun, creative and interactive workshop, full of interesting assignments and depth. We will not act as a psychologist or an HR manager; we will instead challenge you through various themes and assignments. The Enneagram model is a central reference point for these assignments. Find out which Enneagram type you identify as, and find out why you behave a certain way and what it means for you and your colleagues. During this workshop you will get a better insight and understanding of the persona or type of character you display at work. Help each other by providing feedback and by getting (soft) confrontational insights. These insights will help you become stronger as a team!

In addition, the Know your Colleague workshop consists of a number of fun (teambuilding) assignments. Work in teams, and get to know your colleague in a different way! Examples of themes include: communication, trust, leadership, dreams, first impressions, mental issues and presentation. Depending on the group size and available time slots, we will put together an optimal workshop. Afterwards, we guarantee that you’ll know more about yourself and your colleagues! The worshop can be executed at any desired location, including your office!

National Program (Know your Colleague)

The program usually takes place at your office or at a (rented) space. The trainer (and if necessary additional guides, depending on the group size) will prepare the program in advance.

Example program:

Option: doing chores in the morning, or first this workshop and after that doing chores
Option: cleaning litter in the morning, or helping a charity
14.00 Welcome/reception at the location. Trainer will prepare the room.
14.30 Introduction and start workshop Know your Colleague.
16.30 End program, optionally with drinks or a dinner (optional).

Rates Excluding VAT

Book this workshop for up to 30 people for €1650. Additional persons cost €55 per person

  • Additional travel costs south of the Netherlands €75
  • Additional travel costs central Netherlands €225
  • Additional travel costs north of the Netherlands and Belgium €325

Prices excluding VAT, room rental, sound and AV resources.

Applicable are our general conditions. Go over to this link for more information about our full-service approach.

More information about the Enneagram model? See this link.

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